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Socrates possesses an excellent technique and strong interpretive skills.

Bill Buonocore,
Boston Classical Guitar Society



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Socrates Leptos began his music studies at the Contemporary Conservatory of Cyprus where he was awarded the Guitar Diploma.

He continued his studies at the New England Conservatory in Boston where he studied with Eliot Fisk and David Leisner.

In 2009 he was awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree from the Peabody Institute.

During his studies, Mr. Leptos won three awards and gave various performances in Boston, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Brookline, and New Haven.

He participated in masterclasses with Manuel Barrueco, Sharon Isbin, Jorge Morel, Paul O'dette, David Tannenbaum, Gordon Crosskey, and John Duarte.

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Before you sign up for lessons...
Learning how to play a musical instrument is a long-term commitment and will require patience, persistence, and diligence. As a dedicated guitar student, you must be prepared to practice regularly.

As a dedicated guitar student, you must be prepared to practice regularly. Practicing can be a joyous and confidence-building experience when done properly.

 It will not only improve your guitar skills but also strengthen your character and sharpen your intellect.

If you feel that practicing for you will always be secondary to schoolwork, gaming, and socializing, it is best not to take any lessons at all.

To do so would certainly be a waste of time and money and would frustrate both the student and the teacher. However, if you are willing to make practicing a priority and establish a regular practice schedule, I will help you make the most of it. As you become familiar with the instrument's varied repertoire, your will establish a strong technical foundation and develop your sensitivity and musicianship.

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Recordings/ Media Performances

"Stigmata: IV," Arrayan Path, Pitch Black Records.
"Dark Gorgon Rising," Astronomikon, Pure Steel Records.
"Ira Imperium," Arrayan Path, Pitch Black Records.
"Terra Incognita," Arryan Path, Pitch Black Records.

"Zenith to Zero," Prodigal Earth, Pitch Black Records.
"Vasiliki," Andreas Georgallis, Soundtrack for the Television Series.
"Nature's Lullaby," Andreas Georgallis, City Records.
"Nykterinoi Logoi," Marinos Romeos Kalotychos, Independent.

"To wait for fire," Diphtheria, independent.
"Kinisi Deuteri," Lenia Kalli, City Records.








March 8 2014, 9:00pmConcert with Astronomikon.Athens, Greece.
March 7 2014 ; 9:00pmConcert with Arrayan Path.Athens, Greece.
January 2014 18; 8:30pmConcert with Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, "Tribute to Manos...


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